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Inside Your Favorite Sports Brands: Champion

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Lately, as many have noticed, brands that were originally thought of as average, or maybe even cheap have been becoming much more highly regarded. Some of these brands would be Champion, which in months went from something shoes that gets bought at Payless for 25$, to a designer brand where a simple shirt with it’s logo costs at 50$. Even Nike and Vans have been branching from their original style. But there is one brand that over the past few years has exceeded expectations more than any other, and that is Adidas.
Some of the main competitors of adidas are Nike, Puma and under armour. Here’s the difference between Adidas and the rest of these brands. These brands are all simply athletic brands without a real sense of style. Though Nike has made some attempts to branch out to the skating community, Vans is still dominating in that area. Adidas now has so many different styles to choose from, that there’s pretty much something for everybody. In the past years they have brought back the adidas “classic” style allowing for much more stylish clothing that can also be more expensive. They have also come out with the insanely popular Ultraboost shoe series which ranges from around 120 -240$.
Adidas main targets nowadays are teenagers who want to stay in style with all of the new more sophisticated adidas series. Many of the new styles go with clothes that the old styles from before didn’t . Though the overall target may be for teenagers, There are many adults that where the new style adidas as well.

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Inside Your Favorite Sports Brands: Champion