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Prom 2018 Looks

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Deciding a look for prom can be quite challenging, especially within the mass amount of trends and fashion styles that 2018 possesses.
Expanding on an individual’s preference on individuality within certain prom styles directs the person into creating their own personal look for prom. Creating a look that fits you could be difficult and may depend on your opinion. Although, let’s talk about one of the most important factors, the hunt of finding a dress. This is solely based on one’s opinion of fashion. Some people favor more of a simple dress, whereas others may want to exemplify more of an extravagant look. The constant hunt for finding the right dress could be a challenge, especially if you do not want to see someone wearing the same one as you. Some choose to expand their dress search to Los Angeles, while others search online as well.
According to USA Today’s “8 Prom dress trends for 2018,” this year’s trends are a variety of colors such as shimmery metallics, pale champagne, and the classics of maroon, red, and black. Many individuals love to add embroidery to their dresses to add an impactful design that changes the appearance of the dress. Along with these trends, Generation Z is strongly impacted by the focus of creating dresses that appeal to their own characteristics. As of 2018, many individuals have been gravitating towards the idea of creating their own prom dresses to be unique and different from the majority of people. The overall popular trends for dresses in 2018 is the famous slit with the overall tight body of the dress. This characteristic of the prom dress has evolved from the traditional ballroom dress to the tight fitted style.
Many know that the prom look is way more than a dress. The outfit comes along with the right shoes, makeup, hair, and even nails. This year, popular shoe trends consist of the simple ankle strap shoe which comes in stiletto or platform form. These shoes complete the prom look by adding a certain simplicity to the look that does not overwhelm it. The popular colors for shoes this year are rose golds, silver, black, and white. The hair trends for prom include the slick ponytail hairstyle and any style that consist of braids. For makeup, the notorious smoky eye that consist of browns and dark naturals eyeshadow tones will be an all time favorite of many. However, this year, many people are defying the standards and are creating bright makeup looks that match their dresses and glow in those prom pictures. Acrylic nails are very popular this year, especially coffin and stiletto nails that are natural or nude colors.
The 2018 prom trends are different from anything seen in past school years. It will be fascinating to see these trends come to life at our very own CHS prom.

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Prom 2018 Looks