New Math Class to Be Added Next Year

Many students at CHS have become aware that the teachers of the math department have been trying their best to find ways to improve the mathematical skills of their students. For the 2018-2019 school year, there will be a new math class available at CHS called Mathematical Reasoning With Concepts (MRWC), which will be taught by Jamie Oberbeck and Maria Flores. This new class will take on a different spectrum of math, and will also take the place of finite math. It is supposed to connect mathematical reasoning to course study work.
The math department and CHS faculty hope that this class will be a great alternative and will present a new method of teaching that will engage students to want to learn and excel in math. The course can be taken after Integrated Math 1, 2, and 3 are completed. The class will not be weighted and is meant to prepare students for college-level mathematics. Many students are very excited to explore and learn from the new concepts of this course and what it has to offer. Junior Kaiszia Catchings will be taking the MRWC course next year.
“I would like to gain a better understanding of all the concepts Integrated Math taught and provided,” Cathings said. “I’m excited for what the class has to offer, and I hope that I feel more confident in math after taking the course in the future.”
MRWC is unique from other math classes, including the Finite Math course it replaces as it helps students see the connections between different concepts they might not have seen otherwise.
It is known that the math department has been grappling with solutions in helping struggling students. The new strategy of adding in advanced combo classes revolves around the idea of advancing students into change. A multitude of combined classes were available this year, such as Integrated Math 1 and 2 combo class as well as the Integrated Math 3 and Precalculus combo class. These opportunities have helped students who strive in math to get ahead and continue in more challenging math courses.
They hope to engage the minds of students and possibly increase the performance quality of this course for the next years to come.