Chinese Food

As seen around the world, Chinese food is one of the most popular cuisines. Although it may be served around the world and known to many as merely food, there are years of culture and history behind certain dishes. One dish that is extremely popular and widely served is dumplings. Dumplings are known to be a delicious, as well as iconic, chinese dish, but there is also tradition behind them as well.
Dumplings are a traditional Chinese food, and different families have different reasons for eating it. My family usually makes dumplings on holidays such as Chinese New Year to celebrate. To enjoy this holiday, my entire family would come together and have a great time while making tons of dumplings. Not only does it bring celebration and happiness, but it unites the family since everyone is coming together to put in hard work and be rewarded with little bites of goodness. A historical reason for eating dumplings besides celebration is to represent wealth. Dumplings are unique and different because they are shaped like gold and silver ingots. These cultural meanings are extremely important in China and allows this tradition to carry more meaning and importance.
Dumplings are also eaten because of their great taste. Dumplings come in many different types, such as pork, chicken, beef, vegetable, and much more. Dumplings are unique in the sense that you can put whatever you want in it. One of the reasons that I like dumplings is because of the vast diversity in flavors and the fact that I can customize it however I like
The fact that dumplings have so much background, diverse selection of types, and an amazing taste makes it my favorite dish of chinese food.