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Nigerian Food

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When it comes to food, there are many great types, but I would have to say that Nigerian food holds a special place in my heart. The reason being is that I have grown up eating this type of food all my life, and it is extremely versatile and unique. Nigerian food has so much to offer from beverages to snacks; this type of food never ceases to disappoint. One of the most prominent features of Nigerian food is that it acquires a different taste than most foods. My favorite thing about this cuisine is that it is so diverse; there is always something new and exciting to bring to the table.
The most common Nigerian foods consist of jollof rice, dodo (fried plantains), fufu with soup, pounded yam, pepe soup, and of course soup and rice. When I say soup and rice I do not mean the average chicken noodle soup but more of a paste. This soup is a staple in Nigeria and is eaten nearly every day in most households. Nigerian soup consists of tomatoes, peppers, onions, and jalapeño peppers. If you prefer it more spicy you can add habaneros peppers as well, but this is all based on preference; everyone’s taste for soup is different. For example, my grandma makes the best Nigerian soup. It is not too spicy but has a great kick, whereas my uncle makes his soup so spicy that it feels like the soup is scorching your tongue as you eat it. It is more like lava than Nigerian soup. To finish off making the soup, we cook this paste with oil and let it thicken. When it turns a darker red, that is how you know it is ready. Many individuals add other meats or vegetables and flavorize this soup anyway they prefer. For example, my mother usually adds turkey meat, chicken, or fish, but meat is not a necessity! Nigerian soup plain can be just as delicious and is great for people who are vegan and vegetarian too!
It is extremely difficult for me to say my favorite Nigerian dish, but if I were to just pick one I would say soup and rice because it is so prominent in my family’s culture and everyday life. From traditional family parties to simple casual dinners at home, soup and rice will always be my all time favorite.
Unfortunately, in the city of Claremont, or even the Inland Empire, there are no restaurants that sell Nigerian food. If you are interested in trying this type of food and happen to be in LA one day, stop at Veronica’s Kitchen; they sell amazing West African food. If you are a fan of trying food from other cultures and like to step outside of the box, I highly recommend Nigerian food for your next food adventure; I promise you will not be disappointed!

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Nigerian Food