Food Expert: Jaiden Curlin

Food has always been a necessity of the world. In the words of Mario Batali, “When I became a cook in 1978, anybody could peel potatoes for soup. In the ensuing 30-40 years, food transcended merely fuel and meals…you guys are eating thousand dollar cakes, the world has changed!” This statement highlights how food climbed a ladder of progress that started when food first became luxurious. Strange food combinations are emerging from people’s wildest imaginations. One example is when someone infamously put Ranch Dressing on their pizza, or ate Kraft Macaroni & Cheese with Sriracha. In downtonwn LA, Little Damage is the home of the Goth ice cream—ice cream that has activated charcoal and uses vanilla as the flavor. These innovative food locations are everywhere on social media.
In Claremont, there are so many places to get food. There is something for everyone: quick bite places, sit-down places, fancy places, hipster places, sweet places, healthy places, quiet food joints, and nearly everything in between. The most phenomenal restaurants are places very familiar. Some favorite food places in The Village include the Village Grill, Union on Yale, and Pizza N’ Such. These are all Claremont staples (if you have enough resources to not worry about the check). From the general area of those places a hungry teen could find Eureka Burger and Blaze Pizza.
Eureka Burger is pretty well-known among Claremont residents and in other states It has burgers (hence half the name), beer, fries, and even some brunch! A few favorites that have been tested are the Eureka! American Burger and the Butcher’s Steak Dip Sandwich. Blaze is the essential Subway version of pizza; you can pile on every topping imaginable for less than $10! There is a small restaurant down past the remarkable Blaze Pizza called The Junction. This one outlet calls for a special spotlight because it’s the better of two Asian fusion eateries in the Village.