Art Expert: Sean Castro

Art can take many forms. And many people interpret these forms in different ways. We have artists who draw, paint, and even weld (art using metal)! The list is almost endless, but regardless of what form art takes, the point is that anyone can be artistic and make good art. Here are a couple of tips and pointers that one can take to better themselves in the world of art.
First, begin by copying older art pieces. It might sound odd and even unoriginal, but some of our generations greatest artists were influenced by older artists. Being able to copy and recreate is an ability that all proficient artists have and can be good practice. So find a piece you really like and try to recreate it! Another important tip is to practice. Some say practice makes perfect, but I think practice makes progress. With progress comes experience and experience is the key to “perfection.” With that being said, practice as much as possible. Because you will get better, a lot better. Practice for at least five minutes, this could be a two to three minute sketch or a three to four hour painting sesh.
Lastly, be patient. It might take you a couple of tries before getting what you want, but in time, you will find what fits best. There have been so many times where I have worked on something and just gave up on it because of how impatient I was. Now I am able to finish my art and be satisfied with it because of how I managed my time. So be patient, because it is going to take a while before you start making incredible art.
With these three pointers in mind, anyone should be able to create art on their own at home. Being able to copy helps you see the styles and methods artists have done, practicing frequently helps strengthen your artistic skills, and patience keeps your art from becoming a shipwreck! So go on start being creative! Make some art!