Fashion Expert: Sophia Jung

Although I am not as bad as Rebecca Bloomwood in ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’, I do have to say I have a bit of a shopping problem. When I was little, my dream job was to become a fashion designer. At an early age of 6, I knew what clothes I liked, didn’t like, and what was the fad for little girls at the time. As I grew up, fashion still played a major role in my life and I am here to talk about one of my favorite fashion trends, the off the shoulder top.
I remember purchasing my first off-the-shoulder top at Hollister in 2010, and I immediately fell in love with the fit and look of the top. An off-the-shoulder style is an article of clothing, usually a top, dress or sweater, that is worn slightly below the shoulder. This trend was first introduced in the mid-1800’s but was never really accepted into the fashion world until 1960. In 2017, I was so excited to have this style become a trend because it looks good on every body type. Something similar to the off-the-shoulder trend is the cold-shoulder look. I personally hate the cold-shoulder style because the way people look in it and how unflattering it was made everything look awkward. However, the off-the-shoulder look is versatile and can be worn with any bottoms. That being said, my go to outfit is usually high waisted jeans, a black off-the-shoulder bodysuit, earrings, and slide on shoes. Having a dressy or casual off-the-shoulder top gives the allusion that you look put together and flawless, when in actuality you threw random clothes together. Luckily since we live in California, off-the-shoulder tops can be worn in any season.
So now that you have read this short article, go out to Forever 21 and buy yourself an off the shoulder top. Be adventurous with it!