King Tommy Viat & Queen Elizabeth Chua


Queen Elizabeth Chua

Already a winning soccer player, actress, and future physical therapist, Elizabeth Chua is now a homecoming princess at CHS this year. If Chua could describe herself in three words, they would be energetic, positive, and athletic. During these past three years at CHS, Chua has had many accomplishments on the soccer field and in the classroom and is very grateful for the friendships she has made.
In the fall of next year, Chua is verbally committed to play division one soccer at UC Riverside. At UCR, she is planning to major in psychology in hopes to pursue a career in physical therapy.
In addition to her dreams of being a physical therapist, Chua is hoping that she can continue her soccer career. She has been a part of CHS’ accomplished soccer team for all four years and has had an amazing experience. Chua hopes to play soccer for all fours years in college and is considering coaching soccer. Chua’s love for soccer is never ending, as she is surrounded by her entire family of soccer players.
“As I grew older, I started to realize how incredibly blessed I was that I was given the talent of playing soccer well,” Chua said
Chua’s favorite part about CHS was the friendships that she has made. She has made many friendships through soccer and theatre. Chua loves being able to come to school everyday and spend quality time with her friends during theater or during lunch. She has had many wonderful experiences with her friends, such as attending soccer championships with them and putting on amazing performances. Chua’s high school experience was really impacted in a good way through the support that she had from her friends.
Chua feels extremely blessed to have created so many friendships and accomplished so much throughout her time at CHS.

King Tommy Viat

From being a part of ASB to playing on the varsity football team, Tommy Viat is excited to be a prince on the homecoming court. Viat is known for his friendliness and describes himself as a positive, quirky, and unpredictable person. He is very fond of who he has become over these past four years and considers himself to be a hard worker just like his role model, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
When Viat was a freshman at CHS, he played football and attempted to join ASB. He ran for class representative three times, but in the end, he was not able to join. Flash foward to his senior year, he ran and is now a member. Along with ASB, he is on the football team. When Viat was a freshman on the football team, he was always benched and never played, but now he is a starter on varsity. Due to his many accomplishments as a student and athlete, he is very happy and proud over his progression these past couple of years.
Following graduation, Viat has plans to take a road trip to Mexico. As for college, he has been considering the University of Southern California and University of La Verne and is planning to major in environmental studies.
“In ten years, I see myself rich and living in a large house located in Claremont. I hope to be married and looking to adopt children,” Viat said.
Along with these endeavours, he hopes to be running his own environmental foundation. He advises CHS’s underclassmen to have fun, not stress out too much about school, and be involved in clubs and extracurriculars as much as possible.
Tommy is very thankful to have been nominated as a prince and is looking forward to the Homecoming dance. Tommy would like to mention Nick D for his positivity, Jacob Morales for being “the best homie,” all the ASB members, everyone on the football team, Xiucoatl Mejia for inspiring him through his art, and close friend Owen Miller.