“From Blood and Ash” book review


Image courtesy of Target

To preface this, “From Blood and Ash” could very well be a 4/10 in anyone else’s standards. This book is heavily critiqued, however I think the people who rate it low are quite simply haters. From Blood and Ash follows a young woman named Poppy, navigating her life as “The Maiden,” in the Kingdom of Solis. Being the maiden entails being the national symbol of religion, purity, and obedience. When she meets her handsome bodyguard Hawke (wink wink), the carefully built facade around her maidenhood slowly starts to fall. Ancient secrets of the kingdom are revealed, shattering the lies that were told to Poppy throughout her life. “From Blood and Ash” is a story filled with betrayal, adventure, action (in both ways), romance, ancient kingdoms, magic, and power. The worldbuilding paints a vivid image of the magical kingdom of Solis and Atlantia, going into detail about the magical creatures and history residing within. It isn’t a classic piece of literature by any means, but it is well worth reading if you want a captivating, fun read filled with adventure and romance. Highly recommend it!