Changing Homecoming Traditions

Claremont High School left the Homecoming “king” and “queen” titles in the dust this past dance in favor of the term “royalty.” According to ASB, Claremont chose to use the word “royalty” over “king” or “queen” to create a more inclusive environment for all students. The decision to change the titles for the greater good was made by Claremont Unified School District. The choice was supported by both the faculty of CHS and the principal. The decision creates an atmosphere at Claremont High School that helps to include the entire community and student body. CHS wants each and every student to feel included and represented as stated in their School Mission Statement.
“Claremont High School commits itself to nurturing the academic, social, physical, and emotional development of all students to prepare them to take their place as productive and invested members of the larger world community.”
The district and faculty understand the detrimental effects of exclusion and how feeling excluded, rejected, or left out affects students’ self worth. If changing the terms from “king” and “queen” will help at least one student feel included, the district believes it is worth it. Ensuring a respectful environment and atmosphere in the school is the most important part to Claremont. ASB was in support of the administrative decision and heard words from Doctor O’Connor regarding the verdict.
“Even if it does not create a huge difference, people will be happier and when people feel included,” an ASB representative said. “Putting in the effort is what matters.”
The goal to improve the general student body’s happiness with ASB-sponsored events has led to renaming not only the “king” and “queen” titles as “royalty,” but changing the format of the Homecoming rally so that the top five elected people on court appear at the football game, rather than all of the Homecoming princesses. The ASB president also recounted on the change.
“I think it was a decision that was above us and I think it was really important to us to ensure everyone feels included,” Jamison Glaspy said. “It is important that everyone feels comfortable and included on court.”
The change from “king” and “queen” titles with the gender- neutral term “royalty” can be seen all across the country. Hinsdale South High School in Darien, Illinois recently made the change in hopes of giving all students an opportunity to be involved in Homecoming traditions.
Claremont High School, along with numerous other schools in Southern California and the United States, are moving towards a more inclusive future. The small changes that CHS makes in order to live up to its mission statement and provide a respectful atmosphere can help students feel included and represented by their school.