Starbucks fall menu review

The day that Starbucks fall drinks become available might as well be a national holiday. For many, the iconic crisp colors of autumn and the feeling of that first sip is the official way to kick off the fall season. This year, after hearing all of our friends rave about some of the Starbucks holiday drinks, we chose to put Starbucks to the test and craft a perfectly objective list. In order to do so, we decided to try them all! So here they are: all of Starbucks fall drinks, ranked worst to best.

Pumpkin spice latte 5/10

Controversial take by the Wolfpacket: the pumpkin spice latte is overhyped. For being a latte the coffee flavor is simply lacking. The pumpkin flavor lacks authenticity and tastes as though the pumpkin candy melts from Michaels have been melted down into hot milk.

Chai tea with pumpkin cold foam 6/10

As chai tea enthusiasts we were quivering with anticipation over this drink and upon trying it we felt slightly disappointed. It tasted as though twenty sugar cubes had been melted in a watered down black tea. Somehow both the chai and pumpkin flavors were lacking.

Pumpkin cold foam 9/10

This drink was the only one on the fall menu that didn’t taste like a tonic of chemicals with a side of ice. The coffee flavor was present and the pumpkin made an appearance but didn’t steal the show. The presentation was acceptable with a pleasant ombré effect between the cream and coffee. Down with pumpkin spice lattes this is THE caffeinated fall drink to beat.

Pumpkin Frappuccino 8/10

Despite being a Frappuccino we found this drink to not be overwhelmingly sweet. The flavor of ice was a bit too prevalent for our taste and the pumpkin flavor was a bit lacking for a drink whose focal point is meant to be pumpkin. Bonus points for the phenomenal presentation.

Apple oat milk macchiato 4/10

Imagine a Bath and Body Works wall plug in scent poured into a cup of milk… this drink is the result. The smell was immaculate and the presentation was even better. We anticipated this drink to be the belle of the ball, but upon tasting this concoction all hope this drink would replace the famous pumpkin spice latte was dashed. Unless you have an interest in drinking something that tastes like an Applejack my little pony figurine steeped in boiling water steer clear of this fall item.

Although we’d go back and order another pumpkin cold foam any day, the rest of these drinks did not hit home, or bring in the feeling of a crispy October evening. In this economy, we’d much rather save our money for gas, sorry Starbucks. Thanks anyway though for the hyper-caffeinated fifth and sixth periods following the consumption of all five drinks, it was a lunch trip well spent.