Homecoming Court: David Rogers

It didn’t surprise anyone to see that David Rogers, a dedicated athlete and beloved senior at CHS, had made Homecoming court. Rogers has been on both the soccer and basketball teams for all four years of high school. He describes making the basketball team freshman year as his best high school memory, but soccer is the sport Rogers has his eyes set on for a college scholarship.
“I think [soccer] is really gonna be my career in the future.” Rogers said.
His devotion to sports hasn’t stopped him from being engaged in a variety of other activities, though. Rogers enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, and this year he is a new member of ASB and reporter for Wolfcast.
Rogers felt that the experience of finding out that he had made homecoming court was “bittersweet,” due to the fact that he and his girlfriend, Olive, had campaigned to be on homecoming court together and only he had made it to the final round. Still, Rogers has a positive attitude about being on court. He said hes’s excited to have a really fun time with people that he is close with.
Rogers wants to give a shout out to his girlfriend, Olivia Zuker-Brunzell, and his friends Ty Robnett and fellow hoco-court-member Kenny Ford.