Homecoming Court: Matthew Viramontes

A family man and an excellent dancer, Matthew Viramontes is thrilled to be on this year’s homecoming court. From being an avid writer to a huge ice hockey fan, and an incredibly accomplished artist, Viramontes does it all. Dance has been a huge portion of his life: he has been dancing hip-hop since he was nine years old and his talent has led him to have been a part of the Wolfgang Hip-Hop Team. Dance and hip-hop have had a major influence on his milestones and memories. Many CHS students have most likely seen him perform at recent pep rallies and events.
Reflecting on his high school experience, Viramontes cherishes the time he spent with those closest to him.
“My best high school memory is a tie between hanging out with friends everyday and meeting my girlfriend last year,” Viramontes said.
Viramontes is very devoted to his family and friends. He is very family-oriented and places his family and loved ones at the top of his priorities. Viramontes feels that he can lean on his family in the decision-making processes and knows that they will always support him. He recounts his family connections,
“What’s most important to me is making sure I have a good relationship with my family because no one else will have my back like them,” Viramontes said.
Post high school graduation, Viramontes plans to go to a four-year college, hopefully, Cal State Fullerton, and study theater and dramatic arts. He hopes to make it into the entertainment business in the future. He would like to thank those who have supported him throughout these
“I would like to shout out to my friends Leo, Gabe, Tyler, and Jiji Jay for always being great friends,” Viramontes said. “And shoutout to my amazing girlfriend Haylee who I love very much and is always by my side.”
Throughout his years of high school, Matthew has gained knowledge that has shaped his life perspective.
“Advice I have for freshmen is to not stress too much,” Viramontes said. “Just enjoy the simple times before it gets hard because it’ll all go by so fast.”
Matthew is incredibly excited to be on homecoming court and share this experience with his family, friends, and girlfriend