The twist and turns of the dual mascot school: Sumner Danbury


Photo | Audrey Sinsky

Sumner Danbury elementary school, known for its two mascots that fit terribly well together (Dolphin and Dragon), and its variety of students with several broken bones. Speaking of broken bones, here I am, a true survivor of the ominous playground that lay in the school. Here is the question, is Summer Danbury all that great?
Starting off with the most unique aspect about Sumner, the amount of students that have broken bones. Whether it be from the swings, the monkey bars, or even crashing into the handball wall with their head, broken bones was a common phrase heard throughout the entire school. I bet you, parents would even refuse to send their child back to school due to the issue. Aside from someone falling backwards off a swing, crashing down on concrete and breaking their nose, everything else was all good…or was it?
Many conspirators have been fascinated over our lack of nutrition throughout the years. In fact, before Sumner Danbury was allegedly bankrupt and had to serve the same food 5 times a week, Taco Tuesday was evidently the most energizing day any child could dream of. Until the infamous bean cheese burrito with a choice of chocolate or white milk began to be served five times a week. What a nutritious meal!
Sumner Danbury was not just known for the negatives, of course. As mysterious as it appeared, the school had several fun events, one of them being donating coins to each class or stealing them. How fun is it to rampage through a class, threatening to take their coins and the teachers forcefully bribing children with candy so they would not steal?
Most people from other schools will be jumping out of their seats deliriously, upset at the fact that they did not attend this well-known school. So what? We have had scarring events, fun filled events, and events you wish you could have experienced. Too bad you missed out on the wonders of Sumner Danbury.