From student to stardom: a spotlight on Olivia Zuker-Brunzell’s modeling career


Olive Zuker-Brunzell Art courtesy of Nathan Terrazas

If you’ve seen her face this past month in Times Square you know CHS junior Olivia Zuker-Brunzell is no stranger to the spotlight. From the age of 11 she’s experienced a blossoming modeling career with agency Vision Los Angeles, and has worked with major brands like Nike, Lululemon, Supergoop, Olaplex, American Eagle, Saie Beauty, Alexander Wang, and BCBG. Though fame is a part of her life, it’s only one facet. She is an avid musical theater participant, employee of Nosy Neighbor in the Claremont Village, junior officer of CHS’s French Club, and a tarot card enthusiast. Zuker-Brunzell truly finds time to do it all.
Despite the commonly held beliefs of the modeling industry, Zuker-Brunzell said her experience has been nothing but positive, never having felt uncomfortable or scared. The singular downside of her job being modeling summer clothing during the winter season. One of the best parts of her childhood was being exposed to different people from all over the world growing up due to her career along with travelling extensively.
“One of my favorite parts of modeling is traveling. I get to work with all different types of people from all over the world, and it’s just really interesting to get to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds and watch everyone come together,” Zuker-Brunzell said.
Zuker-Brunzell specializes in editorial and campaign modeling. These types of modeling consist mainly of photoshoots advertising the hottest new items for big brands. In her recent, and favorite shoot location of all time, Zuker-Brunzell modeled for Alexander Wang’s Pre-Fall 2021 collection.
“We were on a college campus for Alexander Wang and that was so great and beautiful, I love being in a repetitive area where I know all the people and I get to form bonds with them,” Zuker-Brunzell said.
A Virgo through and through, Zuker-Brunzell manages her time through a series of lists.
“I have three daily to-do lists that I follow,” said Zuker-Brunzell. “One for homework, one for home, and one for work. I also have an agenda and a bunch of other stuff that I fill out and so I have like a million lists but my life is very chaotic because I don’t do the things on the lists in order,”
Chaotic is certainly one way to describe this active CHS student’s life. Though her to-do lists are always jam-packed, Zuker-Brunzell makes time to do the things she enjoys. When she’s not working with the on-set teacher during her photo shoots, Zuker-Brunzell can be found giving tarot card readings to makeup artists and fellow models, reading her all time favorite book “We Were Liars” by E. Lockheart, baking, or enjoying nature.
Zuker-Brunzell’s agent, employer, and teachers are all very understanding of her schedule. If she needs a day off for any reason she always has support.
“If I have an issue or something or a day I need off, for example if I had a test one day and I needed it off I could text my agent and be like ‘hey I really need to be blocked off for this day’ and everyone is super understanding,” Zuker-Brunzell said.
Attending a four-year university to major in psychology following her senior year at CHS is in the books for Zuker-Brunzell. Her modeling career won’t stop with college though, as Zuker-Brunzell hopes on dabbling in runway modeling and television advertisements in the near future. This holiday season, if you see Olivia Zuker-Brunzell advertising the newest American Eagle collection, don’t be surprised by this ambitious CHS student!