Cross Country says goodbye to Coach Bill Reeves


Isabelle Shie

Former Cross Country Coach Bill Reeves

This past month, the CHS cross country team traveled to race at CIF once again. It is the last season with legendary Coach Bill Reeves before he retires from coaching.
Coach Reeves has trekked across the cross country world, leading athletes through countless races and practice days and carrying Claremont’s cross country team to the top with his effective coaching and unstoppable drive. Thanks to Reeves, both teams– girls and boys– are ranked nationally. Always kind and encouraging in his coaching, many have expressed their appreciation for Reeves. Senior Peyton Cruz shares about her experiences with Coach Reeves.
“He lives up to the expectation,” Cruz said. “Reeves is the kindest coach and he’ll do everything to help you get faster, and he really wants to watch you succeed and reach your goals. And I just knew he was a good person and a helpful coach.”
Cruz explains a memory from sophomore year; even when the team didn’t perform the way they were expecting, Reeves was nothing but encouraging and supportive. Reeves is the type of coach that understands how to help athletes improve their performance, but also genuinely cares about his runners, not just about winning.
Reeves has been coaching for 37 years, 35 in cross country and two years in basketball. He has been coaching at Claremont for 10 years. In that time he has led the team to four state meet victories, bringing the girls cross country team to NXN (Nike Cross Nationals, one of the most prestigious races in the nation) in 2018 as well as remaining undefeated in the Palomares league for the entirety of his career at Claremont. This record stands strong with Claremont dominating the 2021 Palomares league finals, winning every single race this year. Coach Bill Reeves shares a highlight of his career.
“In 2016, the boys and the girls won the state meet in the same year and that was an awesome day,” Reeves said.
Reeves has put Claremont cross country on the map, but with a successful career and experience he is ready to retire. His daughter lives in Michigan, and he has a granddaughter that is almost four months old. His wife retires at the end of the school year as well, and they plan on going to Michigan more to spend time with family.
Reeves transformed CHS cross country into what it is today and the key is consistency. He shares advice for the team as well as incoming runners.
“Just be consistent.” Reeves said. “Make sure you go to practice each and every day and do your best every day and try to improve during the abs, the weights, or on the runs. Just keep trying to improve it each and every day.”
It is with this strategy that Reeves has taken CHS teams to state. He stresses that it is important to keep getting better everyday and putting your all into every single practice. Not only has Reeves helped students become better athletes, he has also helped students become better people and better friends.
“The journey is better than the end,” Reeves said. “I think all the runners will remember times in practice, or on the bus. More than they’ll remember their place at the state meet or CIF finals. Just making friends and being in a weight room together. Just like with your friends, I’m sure you remember the times with your friends this year more than the times you run.”
Reeves makes it clear that the memories you make from running cross country with friends are just as important as increasing physical abilities and speed. The CHS cross country team will continue to work hard and strive to become the best they can be. Reeves will be deeply missed and everyone wishes him a happy retirement.
“I had a great time at CHS. I’m glad I came over when I did.” Reeves said. “We’ve had a lot of good races. I’m really proud of the fact that we never lost in the Palomares league.”