New Room: Prehab and Rehab


CHS junior Nathan Ball and athletic trainer Jonathan Snapp, pictured left, using the new NormaTec compression boots.

While most students think athletic training rooms are only for icing and taping, here at CHS, the athletic training room is so much more. CHS’s athletic trainer, Jonathan Snapp, has brought more than bags of ice and tape to our campus. Now in his second year at CHS, some of the highest quality equipment is here and ready for CHS’s student-athletes to benefit from. Some of the newest technology in the athletic training room at CHS include NormaTec compression boots and arm sleeves, a Hypervolt percussion device, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, ice baths, and a hydrocollator. All this equipment helps with a multitude of different recovery techniques. In particular, NormaTec uses cutting-edge technology to increase circulation and reduce pain and soreness.

During the fall season, football has been taking full advantage of this advanced technology to help recover from their games under the Friday night lights.

“The athletic training room provides good ways to prevent injuries or to help the healing process on current minor injuries,” senior varsity football player Devin Carraway said.

While Snapp helps a large number of student-athletes at CHS, there are many athletes that are still missing out on the services the athletic training room provides. Athletes at CHS can experience a variety of injuries and wounds while playing sports. Unfortunately, it causes them to miss out on a portion of or even a whole season. The goal is to not have this happen and to prevent future injuries. Snapp explains proper techniques to athletes on how to play safely and effectively in their sport.

“Luckily, I haven’t had any major critical injuries while playing volleyball for Claremont, but if I do need any help with preventing them I always see Coach Snapp,” CHS senior Kelly Yeung said.

Most seek help by paying a visit to Snapp, but others may ignore their injuries and keep playing while they are not at full strength. This can lead to even more injuries than before and a visit to the athletic trainer is vital to preventing further injury.

The athletic training room has so many resources to offer that are too beneficial for athletes to neglect. Snapp uses his insightful skills and abilities to get student-athletes back to full strength. The combination of a knowledgeable athletic trainer and quality equipment leads to a decrease in recovery time and gets CHS athletes back to their sport stronger than before.