The Rewarding Lessons of Business Math Must Not Be Overlooked

Many students at CHS would like to have a class that will actually help them in the future for when they are on their own. CHS does have a class that prepares students financially for the future, which is business math. Most students do not know about this class because it is never encouraged by CHS since it is a “lower-level” class and it would not help them get into college when, in actuality, it can help students in the future. Students themselves can often overlook this class because it can be regarded as less advanced and it is possible that they are focused on getting into more prestigious colleges. But this is not as important as being prepared financially. Business math is very important for the futures of students at CHS, and our teachers, counselors, and administration should encourage more students to take this class.
Business math teacher David Sawhill teaches his students about budgeting, student loans, insurance, investments, credit scores, filing taxes, credit cards, and many other important financial topics needed for the future. The very first lessons of this class teach students the necessities of getting their first job, such as making a resume or learning how to shake their employer’s hand. Little lessons such as these can really impact many students’ futures, especially when they start working and become more independent. Business math is almost like a head start for students who are preparing for college and are going to be on their own. When seniors are applying to colleges, visiting campuses, and researching for schools, they may not have a financial plan beforehand, but this class gives students an idea to follow so they can avoid ending up in debt because of college. Thus, business math should be more encouraged to students, especially seniors.
Many students might think that taking business math is considered a lower-level class and that it will be regarded negatively by colleges. However, students who know that they will not be majoring in mathematics will not be disadvantaged if they take this course. Counselors may think that when a student goes from a higher-level math class to business math, colleges will see that as negative and immediately reject the student. However, being rejected from prestigious colleges is not nearly as important as being thoroughly prepared for future finances. According to a study by Business Insider, 45% of post-graduate U.S. college students regret taking out loans when they were in college because they spend almost their entire lives paying them off. Counselors can state that taking economics, a required class, as a senior is just as helpful for a student’s future as taking business math. Evidently, economics is not doing well enough if 76% of recent college graduates today lack basic financial knowledge, such as doing taxes, shown by a study of U.S. post-graduate college students from Business Insider. The economics class does not teach students how to teach students how to pay taxes, which is essential for students to learn after high school, and how to get a job, which is very important because students will need to eventually support themselves in the future. All things considered, business math will only have a positive effect on a student’s future.
Counselors and teachers should encourage students to take business math class because of how useful it is for a student’s future. This class is one of the only classes at CHS that can actually help students when they are older, more independent, and responsible for themselves. Many students complain constantly that the required classes they have to take will not help them in the future. Business math should be a required class for seniors and must be more encouraged by CHS faculty, office staff, and administration so that they can see their students be more financially responsible for their futures.