Boys’ Locker Room Needs Fixing

Dirty, disgusting, sweaty, and horribly-maintained are only a few words that describe the CHS boys’ locker room. CHS recently spent a significant amount of money renovating its gym, fixing its pool, and sending a few of its sports teams to championships and nationals but has completely ignored a very important and huge part of sports—the boys’ locker room. The boys’ locker room most definitely is in need of better maintenance and quite a lot of fixing that CHS should do immediately.
One of the most important reasons that the CHS boys’ locker room must be renovated is its broken lockers. At the beginning of the year, P.E. coaches asked all students to bring a lock to school. However, these locks are completely useless if the lockers are broken and unable to be locked. Due to this, the risk of many students losing valuables such as their phones, debit cards, and textbooks is dangerously likely. These lockers must be fixed because the security of students’ vital belongings is important and should be a priority. Students should not have to suffer from losing their phones and wallets because of CHS’s ignorance to the existence of this problem. The school must take action right away in order to prevent this anxiety.
Besides fixing the lockers, the boys’ locker room also needs a better ventilation system. Currently the boys’ locker room houses an extremely foul smell, which creates a terrible environment for everyone. Especially after running the mile in P.E. or after an intense sports game, the locker room becomes stuffy and full of unpleasant odors. This is an environment that no student would ever want to be in, let alone be surrounded by countless other sweaty bodies.
Furthermore, the boys’ locker room is the only building in CHS with this problem. According to many female CHS students who are currently or have previously taken P.E. at CHS, the girls’ locker room does not have such a repulsive odor, thus providing a much better athletic environment for them. Some may say that the girls’ locker room smells better because girls tend to care more about their hygiene, thus making it CHS boys’ own fault for the bad odor in their locker room. On the other hand, many scientific studies, such as the one introduced by Health magazine, state that females have a more sensitive sense of smell than males. Therefore, boys do not put on as much hygiene products as girls, creating a more pungent odor in the boys’ locker room. CHS must start implementing a new ventilation system immediately in the boys’ locker room in order to accommodate this discrepancy.
These problems are only a few out of the many issues in the boys’ locker room, but starting with the lockers and ventilation system would make a huge difference. Although there are many issues that need to be fixed, CHS should feel the need to address these problems as soon as possible. Addressing these problems would be a huge step in creating a better athletic program at CHS.