Angelina Alkhouri Adventures to UCLA to Achieve in Biology


Interesting. One word, 11 characters, and the perfect description of Angelina Alkhouri.

“Every time you think you know her she does something else to surprise you.” Laila Alkhouri, Angelina’s sister, said. “However, there are things that don’t change with Angelina; I often find the things she calls me are never the same.”

A day is never truly the same in Alkhouri’s life, with an impressive 11 extracurricular activities and the second-highest GPA in the school (but who’s counting), most would also describe her as interesting. Most would also wonder how it is possible that one can play two varsity sports (if you count Speech and Debate), be a full IB student, an officer of four clubs, and be an accredited pianist by the Music Teachers Association of California, all while finding the time to pursue hobbies like crocheting. Alkhouri’s answer to this question is simple yet incisive.

“The activities I do mean a lot to me, so I find the time,” Alkhouri said. “Balance is key.”

Alkhouri has been playing varsity tennis since sophomore year and her team has earned the title of League Champs for the past three. She even went undefeated with her partner in the Palomares league this year.
For the past ten years, Alkhouri has passed the Music Teachers Association of California’s certificate of merit for every level, passing the final level this year to earn the Merit Senior State Honor Award.

In addition to these accomplishments, Alkhouri has earned the National Speech and Debate Association All-American Award and attended Nationals and State last year for Public Forum. On top of earning her Black Seal and Biliteracy Seal this year, the former of which made her the second highest point earner in all of CHS for debate, Alkhouri has served as president of the Common Good tutoring program and as an officer for National Honors Society, Sexual Education Reform and Awareness Club, Speech and Debate, and Link Crew.

Her family members attribute her success to her work ethic and incredible determination; they know that wherever this salutatorian ends up, she will continue her illustrious, trailblazing path.
“Her winning mentality and level of focus allowed her to be the amazing student and person she is today,” Chris Alkhouri said. “I see Angelina being a successful and kind doctor that cares about her job.”
Alkhouri’s passion for medicine and decision to major in Human Biology at the University of California Los Angeles this fall can be attributed to her father, Wadie Alkhouri, who practiced medicine and owned a private psychiatry firm for over 20 years.

“Biology and math have come easier to me and science is especially intriguing because it offers explanations to things like the deep ocean and galaxies far away,” said Alkhouri. “Also seeing my father help others while working for his practice over the summer motivates me to do the same.”

Alkhouri is destined for amazing things and her record in high school is just a small reflection of the greatness she has to come. As her time at CHS comes to a close, she is ready to start a new chapter of her life at UCLA but is grateful to be taking some fond memories with her.

“I’ll never forget all the tennis games played in the scoring heat, my favorite of which was when my biology teacher Ms. Tran brought the class out to watch and it made the game all the more fun and special.”