Harper Embraces Pitzer

There is always that one friend in the group who is reliable on the AUX. Saul Harper is that friend. His love for music is a big part of his identity; whether it is listening to music, helping his family at the Folk Music Center, or making beats on his MacBook. Harper’s unrelenting creativity, love for the arts, and interest in psychology have made Pitzer College the perfect destination for him this fall.
Pitzer of course is located here in Claremont and is one of the seven Claremont Colleges. The last name Harper is no stranger to Pitzer. His family has a long history there, as his mom and dad both attended the college. Saul continues to carry on the family name at Pitzer and hopes to harness his musical talent.
“The music scene in the Claremont colleges is incredible,” Harper said. “There are a lot of people who are creative and it will be fun to collaborate with some artists.”
While Harper does not play an instrument, he enjoys singing to other people’s music and also making beats.
Harper is in the choir group at CHS and he plans to continue this passion in college by participating in the choir or acapella group. He also played on the CHS Varsity soccer team this year, clinching a Palomares league title for the team after a long drought, and plans on joining the Pomona-Pitzer soccer team.
The familiar setting of Pitzer will make the transition relatively easy for Harper. Many incoming college freshmen have to deal with the worries of making friends, adjusting to a new environment, and being away from home. This will be of little to no concern for Harper as he already has friends and connections established at Pitzer and will be staying close to home.
“Going to the Honnold library through the IB program has really helped me make connections with students at the colleges,” Harper said.
In addition, he plans on taking psychology and music classes during his time at Pitzer and hopes he will have a career in psychology after college.
As Harper prepares to embark upon the college scene at Pitzer, there is no doubt that he will thrive.