Antoniolli Ascends to the City that Never Sleeps


Photo Courtesy: Wobi Antoniolli

The end of senior year symbolizes the transition from childhood solace to the capricious world of adults. The uncertainty of change can be terrifying, but Wobi Antoniolli is ready to trade the suburbs of Claremont for the bright lights of New York. Antoniolli is heading to New York University this fall and is planning on studying in the liberal studies core for two years and then declaring a major at the College of Arts and Sciences. Inspired by her father, she is considering majoring in political science and attending law school subsequent to college. Antoniolli is uncertain if she will ever practice law as a career, but law and politics have always interested her. Antoniolli chose to go to NYU because of its values, location, and student body.
“The city was definitely a big part of it,” Antoniolli said. “NYU really values a global education, like teaching with various perspectives and study abroad opportunities as well.”
Being in the city, especially one as metropolitan as New York has always been a dream of Antoniolli’s. Similar to Yung Miami and JT, she is a city girl. In addition, NYU offers a very diverse student body, which made Antoniolli want to attend. During her time at Claremont High School, Antoniolli has contributed to its student body in numerous ways and made memories that will last a lifetime. Antoniolli is the current president of the Black Student Union and is significantly involved in the club. In addition, Antoniolli is a thespian and has an interest in acting. She has participated in various theater productions for years and loved it.
“My favorite CHS memory is probably participating in theater, specifically, She Kills Monsters,” Antoniolli said.
As Antoniolli heads off to a bright future in the Big Apple, she shares her advice for underclassmen.
“For future students, I think the advice I wish I had gotten is to surround yourself with people who make you feel like the best version of yourself,” Antoniolli said. Whether that is people who are kind, make you laugh, or share similar goals, I think it’s really important to have a solid support system through the chaos of high school.”
Antoniolli furthermore recommends taking the AP Environmental Science class at CHS and shouts out her teacher Ms. Mittman.