Alumni interviews – part 3

Applying for and starting college is a stressful time. To help ease the stress, the Wolfpacket reached out to several CHS alumni. In this recurring column, CHS alumni Mercer Weis, a Freshman at Stanford; Ruby Raheja, a Sophomore at UC Davis; Rowan Orlijin Rhyne, a Sophomore at Swarthmore; and Tammi Ho, a Junior at San Diego State; discuss their experiences in college.

This Issue’s question: What should incoming college Freshmen expect in the first semester?

Mercer: Expect it to not go as planned. This isn’t meant to scare you, rather inspire you to go into college with an open mind. Just know that college is a completely new environment in the best way possible. Be sure to embrace it and accept that obstacles are only meant to bolster your growth as a student and citizen.

Ruby: From my anecdotal experience, incoming freshmen should expect to have an abundance of new connections and lots of social interactions which is really fun! I think professors are usually pretty understanding, at least a lot more than I thought they would be.

Rowan: In the first semester, you should expect to make lots of new friends and to adjust to the academic and cultural differences of college. It should be a challenge, but it should be one that is exciting, rewarding, and do-able!

Tammi: Expect to feel awkward and shy because it’s easier to understand that every first year is in the exact same boat as you: you’re all confused and new. You’re supposed to be that way and it’s okay. Your life has barely begun so be kind to yourself and others.