Netflix brings it on in with OBX season 3

Most TV shows begin to fall off after the first or second season, but “Outer Banks” is an exception. The widely popular Netflix original follows a group of treasure-hunting teenagers, the Pogues, who deal with ordinary teenage problems while facing not so ordinary situations. While the show has a fairly formulaic plot, it still keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The adrenaline-packed scenes as the Pogues navigate through the lost city of El Dorado and the mind-boggling plot twists this season make the show standout from typical teen dramas.
The group of Pogues consists of John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), Pope Hayward (Jonathan Daviss), JJ Maybank (Rudy Pankow), Kiara Carrera (Madison Bailey), and Cleo (Carlacia Grant). While “Outer Banks” has a strong fan base, there are many people who despise the show, calling it a knockoff of “The Goonies” or just downright saying the show is bad. Many of these critics attribute the show’s success and popularity to the attractive cast, which is valid, but one cannot simply discredit their quality acting skills. It might also have helped that the show was originally released during the middle of the pandemic when everyone was quarantined, desperately scrambling for shows to binge.
Season three begins with the Pogues stranded on an island after season two leaves off with them jumping overboard from a ship. Soon enough they are “rescued” by a pilot named Jimmy Portis, but they soon realize that he was hired to take them somewhere unknown. The unpredictability of the story makes for a mysterious plot, as it leaves the audience wondering where the Pogues are going and if they will be put in danger.
When they land in Barbados, they are met with violent police officers who are almost prepared to apprehend the Pogues, who we later find out were sent by Carlos Singh, a criminal kingpin. Soon we find out Singh is on the hunt for the same treasure the Pogues are looking for, and he needs information on the whereabouts of the treasures. The hostility sets the scene for the season, and it lets the Pogues know they are not welcomed.
On the other hand, the love triangle between Kiara, JJ, and Pope serves the audience with the romantic tension that marks it a classic teenage drama. Sophomore Sophie Diaz shares her opinion.
“I think I saw it coming because Kiara always seemed to have a thing for JJ like they’ve always had that connection,” Diaz said. “Pope and her didn’t seem to mesh well as a couple. I think the new characters introduced in the season make the show better because it adds a more diverse cast and adds more people to the Pogues.”
While some of the scenes can make viewers’ hearts palpitate, ultimately that feeling is very short-lasting. The Pogues are consistently left unscathed in the most life-threatening situations. They somehow always miraculously escape from the grasp of the most vicious antagonists like Carlos Singh. This unrealistic immortality can cause the audience to feel that these intense plot points hold little weight. With no consequences to the Pogues’ actions, it can sometimes make the story feel meaningless. Nonetheless, the show is a great watch for someone looking for a solid teenage drama. While there are definitely flaws to this season it is still an enjoyable watch. Overall, Outer Banks is a good show to binge-watch for viewers who truly want to experience the Pogue life.