Loeffler never loses: Amy to attend North Dakota


Image courtesy of Amy Loeffler

Though her days on the CHS soccer field have come to an end, star player Amy Loeffler has no intention to hang up her cleats yet. She will continue her admirable 12 year journey with the sport this fall at North Dakota University, attending on a full-ride athletic scholarship. Despite being eager to advance to the collegiate level, she will certainly miss spending time with her beloved high school and Legends FC teammates who have grown so close through their shared time, whether it be the countless daily practices or memorable out of state tournaments.

“I’ll definitely miss my teammates and coaches the most, we’ve made a lot of good memories over the years” said Loeffler.

Luckily, North Dakota will offer Loeffler the opportunity to make more treasured memories with her new teammates. In fact, the welcoming and lively atmosphere created by the coaches and team was what piqued her interest in the university. Beyond soccer, she valued the campus’ academic culture, as it will be lucrative for her intended nursing studies. As she leaves sunny California behind for the snowy Midwest, she has a few specific people she would like to express gratitude towards for their unwavering support.

“I want to shout out to the whole high school team for always fighting out on the field, as well as my center back Alia for always yelling at me if I missed and just keeping me motivated,” said Loeffler.

While her brightening presence will certainly be missed by her teammates and peers this next year, there is no doubt she has many more accomplishments to come. Whether on or off the field, Loeffler will continue to be the hard-working and charismatic person that is beloved by all.