¡Hasta la Vista! to Vista


Photo | Audrey Sinsky

Vista Del Valle. There are legitimately no words to describe this elementary school because of how unknown it is. There is Condit, Chaparral, Mountain View, and Sycamore but the honest question is– has anyone ever met a student from Vista?
In most perspectives, the only elementary schools that exist in Claremont are Chaparral, Condit, and Sycamore, leaving Mountain View, Oakmont, and Sumner behind in the shadows. However, Monte Vista was never close to being in the shadows of the big three. Vista was the sad school left behind in the corner.
Their amazing “viking” mascot is not the worst mascot to ever exist but let’s be real, who approved their logo for the school? With shoes that have shadows as big as a size ten shoe, having the poor viking’s face covered, and the sad outfit for the mascot, one could say that even the shadow schools have better mascots than Vista. The mascot is not the only terrible factor that stands out in the school, another factor would be the sorrowful google reviews. The school could be judged based on the reviews from facebook moms who enjoy bragging about how “great” their school is. However, the more straight-forward reviews would be looking at the genuine kids who have the real experience of what Vista truly is. Still Vista’s 3.9 star review on google has nothing on Vista’s Niche ranking review.
Having a B+ on Niche is not the most horrible thing in the world, and like a student with a B+ on their triad transcripts, it can still be brought up to A-. However, when that B+ makes that school lower than all the other elementary schools in its district, it usually can be inferred that there are much better choices in the CUSD elementaries. In the world of Niche rankings, having a bad “score” can mean only one thing, never go to that school.
Aside from academics, the next most horrifying thing at Vista is the campus. Comparing all the CUSD schools, it’s safe to say that Vista is in the bottom tier when it comes to “aesthetically pleasing” campuses. One could say that the campus in itself makes Vista the worst CUSD elementary school. For those who are unaware, the “lovely” school of Vista del Valle is located none other than next to a cemetery. Aside from being next to a cemetery, where children can be traumatized due to hearing what a cemetery is, the campus by itself looks like a jail. The classrooms have almost no room, the playground could not even be called a playground, and the trees attempt to hide their overall awful campus.
Overall, everyone gets the sense that Vista is not exactly the most famous CUSD elementary school. With their awful campus and “horrid” reviews not being the most popular school in the district is for good reason. If it was famous, most kids that began in the CUSD system would have to survive in that tiny school for the next five to six years. Suffering that long in Vista, everyone might as well just transfer to Condit, Chaparral, or Sycamore.