Homecoming prince Diego Limon

Known for his infectious humor and captivating charisma, it is no surprise that Diego Limon was chosen for Homecoming court by his peers. Though Limon was surprised by his nomination, he is nonetheless excited for this special experience to kick off his senior year.
“I’m really grateful to be on the court,” Limon said. “But I really didn’t expect to be on it.”
From playing center on the wolfpack soccer field to simply spending time with friends, many warm memories have composed Limon’s high school experience. After graduation, he plans to attend community college and transfer to a four-year university to study engineering. Though he is eager for the next chapter of his life, there will certainly be pieces of highschool he will miss.
“I really enjoyed all the events like the dances and rallies,” Limon said, “It’s really just all those little extra things.”
When reflecting on the last four years, Limon would like to shout out Cesar Sanchez, Mathew O’hara, Joshua Berret, and Nick Santoyo. He is very grateful for their constant support and presence in his life. Though Limon would be happy to become King, he is already satisfied and honored with his role on court.