Big dreams at Boise State

Why did you guys choose to go to Boise State University?
Delaney Van Noy: I chose Boise because I loved everything about the school and city. It’s a big city but has such a small-town feel and everyone is so friendly. I also love the school spirit and the campus environment.
Kendall Taylor: I chose Boise because when I visited I not only loved the city but I loved the school as well. They also have a good program for what I want to study.

Did you always want to go out of state?
Delaney Van Noy: I knew I wanted to get away from Southern California for a couple years so out-of-state college was perfect for me.
Kendall Taylor: I am not a huge fan of California so all of the schools I applied to were out of state.

Do you have any particular studies you want to major or minor in?
Delaney Van Noy: I am planning on majoring in nursing.
Kendall Taylor: My major is Kinesiology.

What are your career goals after college?
Delaney Van Noy: I’m hoping to be a postpartum nurse after college!
Kendall Taylor: I am hoping to go to grad school and become a physical therapist.

Are you planning to stay in Idaho or move back to California?
Delaney Van Noy: I’m not too sure yet. I have a feeling I’m going to love living up there so I might stay in Idaho, or I might find another state to move to!
Kendall Taylor: I don’t know if I will stay in Idaho, but I don’t see myself moving back to California.

Do you have any other plans outside of school?
Delaney Van Noy: I’m hoping to get another part-time job outside of college to start saving up for my future.
Kendall Taylor: I plan on getting a job either second semester of sophomore year to help with the financial side of things.


What are some of your favorite memories at CHS?
Delaney Van Noy: Some of my favorite memories at CHS were the night rallies and football games throughout the years.
Kendall Taylor: My favorite memories were going to all the school events such as football games.


Do you have any advice to give to incoming CHS students?
Delaney Van Noy: My advice would be to just have fun and attend as many things as you can. High school really does fly by and before you know it you’ll be graduating so just enjoy it while you can.
Kendall Taylor: I would just tell everyone to take every opportunity they have to do something now that’s fun and attend all the school events.