A scholar who takes one step further, now a soon to be Barnard student: Katelyn Lam

CHS senior Katelyn Lam and soon-to-be student at Barnard College at Columbia University is a true role model for her knowledge and expertise. She has shared her experiences throughout CHS and how it led up to her acceptance of Barnard. Including her splendid experiences, Lam prepared advice for underclassmen, along with advice she has along the way.

Barnard College offers the “Four One Pathway” in conjunction with Columbia University. Once Lam finishes up her four years in Barnard College, she would ultimately be given the opportunity to receive her master’s at Columbia if she chooses to do so. Lam wasn’t originally going to apply at Barnard due to the fact that another college, Middlebury College, had given her an outstanding four year tuition scholarship. This made her decision more difficult as Barnard was her dream school, however she was receiving a scholarship in another college. Though Lam has not decided what major she wants to pursue, she has always had an interest in science and research. In fact, she applied to be a part of a science summer research program which sparked her interest ever since.

Lam has always been trying to work harder and step ahead when it comes to her education. Throughout highschool, she has been participating in multiple summer programs which have increased her skills in tech and coding. Every senior has some advice, and Lam stepped full force to give the best advice she had for upcoming seniors that will soon be in her shoes throughout the application process.

“The application process should be a fun process. I know that seems daunting because college applications come with a lot of stress,” Lam said, “But if you start relatively early; I mean I didn’t start that early. I started maybe in October and my applications were due in November. But I started thinking about it in the summer. So as long as you think about it, that’s like one step forward [already]”.

In addition, she shared some advice for underclassmen to truly take in the full highschool experience. Seeing as Lam has gone through the highschool experience herself, she gave substantial advice.

“Use your summer wisely.” Lam said, “Everyone says be involved in school, because yes that is a given, but summer, though it is time to relax, it is a time where you have to buckle down and work. You have a lot of free time, you’re not busy with a lot of academics. So that’s the time to develop yourself and find out what you want to do in the future”.

As Lam’s highschool experience comes to a close Lam reflects on the rainbow of marvelous memories she has made here at CHS. One of her most well kept memories was in her AP Biology class. As difficult as the class was, all her friends were there to support her and have fun along the way. Lam’s journey may have ended in Claremont, but a new fulfilling chapter in her life will soon open right in front of her very eyes.