Tennis times: Boys’ tennis lose in their second match of the season

The boys’ junior varsity team fell to Arcadia 1-17. However, this loss is forgivable as Arcadia has consistently been one of the best teams in the area. This is also still the preseason, so the games lost don’t count against the team’s record.

In singles, #1 Josh Bonner was only able to win one of his sets. #2 Xavi Glovsky and #3 Jayden Torry, (Sub a. Evan Wong, and b. Cheng Han Li) (a. subbed in first, then b subbed in for a) weren’t able to win any of their sets.

In doubles, #1 Reginald Wang and Hanan Song, #2 Jude Emmert and Will McDermott, and #3 Kyle Chen and Carter Chan (sub Nolan Cha in set 3) weren’t able to win any of their sets either.

It was a tough loss, but the tennis team is training hard and will be more than ready for their next opponent, Bonita High School, on Friday, March 26th.