Key Club’s 2021 region 13 conclave: a story

Imagine sitting in a meeting room in front of many different people, awaiting for your turn to share your speech. Take a minute to truly feel all of those emotions and thoughts going inside your head. You must feel quite on edge I presume. However, you might have those feelings of excitement and joy as well. Well, congratulations. These are the same feelings or emotions I went through on January 23rd, 2021.

Key Club. Quite literally, Key Club. I can’t put into words how much Key Club means to me. Key Club is an international club where their main goal is to assist their community. I could talk endlessly about Key Club, however, I probably should get right into the topic.

Yesterday’s conclave had so much positive energy and vibes. You’re probably wondering, what is a conclave? A conclave is an occasion where people run to be a lieutenant governor which then the chosen winners carry out the duties given to them for their term. Now, let’s get back on track! I remember the clear memory of waiting with the candidates in the zoom breakout room. We bonded and played so many different games such as hangman, 2 truths and a lie, and many other intriguing activities. Each person had such an astonishing and breathtaking personality. Everytime it was someone’s turn to give their speech in front of 300 attendees, we all cheered them on in the best way possible. The anxiety and uneasiness continued to gain on all of us as the hours passed. Quite climatic, right?

Finally, it was the last couple of hours where leader officials will announce the elected lieutenant governors. This was an overwhelming and anticipating moment for all of us. We all knew, even if some of us do not make it through,

we will all stick together as a family. The winners were announced and all 300 attendees and counting congratulated the new lieutenant governors.

A couple minutes later, all of the winners and candidates including myself, created a group chat to further strengthen our friendships. Creating inside jokes, chatting for many hours, playing games with each other, creating a discord server, and overall having these valuable memories is something that I will unquestionably look back and reflect on. I would like to take a moment to congratulate all the winners. Ashley, Katrina, Marcus, Theresa, Zoe, Chriselle, and Chelsea, I wish you the best throughout your term. All of you are an undoubtedly amazing group of people that give back to the community in numerous ways possible. You will flourish in your position. That is, without fail, a proven fact. To everyone else, not winning does not define who you are as a person. You are phenomenal, beautiful, and out of this world. Please always remember this.

It’s surprising, I didn’t expect to end off on an emotional note. This was one of the most sentimental conclaves, especially since we can’t see each other because of the unfortunate circumstances occurring globally. This is the story of Key Clubs 2021 conclave, something that will be written down in Key Club history for a very long time.