West Coast Arborists Improving the Scenery of the City of Trees


Claremont’s abundance of trees is shown on Grand Ave., where both sides of the street are lined with pine trees.

Known as the “city of trees and PHDs,” Claremont is a scenic town filled with nature. Hoping to further improve its scenery, Claremont has decided to work with West Coast Arborists. West Coast Arborists (WCA), established in 1972, is a family-owned company that handles tree maintenance and managing and associates with the Tree Care Industry. They specialize in donating trees to cities in order to make them full of life and fresh air.

This organization has worked with many cities around California and Arizona. Recently, the organization has decided to give away 200 tree saplings to Claremont residents. This will be the first time that the town has partnered with an organization that has gone to such lengths in order to expand the tree population. Claremont is being offered several choices of tree saplings: the Australian Willow, Brisbane Box, Fern Pine, Mondell Pine, and Pink Trumpet. The saplings will be given to any private property owners who are willing to plant the tree in either the front or backyard of their home.

Sarah Marx, a current junior at CHS, recently registered for a tree sapling from WCA with her family. Her mom registered on Nov. 4 after hearing about it in a city council meeting.

“My mom recently registered for a tree because she and I have always talked about getting a tree one day for our yard,” Marx said. “And now we are finally getting one. I am just so grateful that we are going to get one and I honestly can’t wait to take care of it and watch it grow.”

Planting trees around Claremont will potentially allow the city to improve local air quality and decrease volatile organic compounds. These trees are emblematic of Claremont’s devotion to replenishing the environment.

Sophomore Lina Delvasto has also expressed excitement for Claremont’s partnership with WCA.

“I am glad that Claremont is deciding to add more trees into our city,” Delvasto said. “It is too bad that I am not able to get a tree, but I’m extremely excited to see all the other trees that will be planted around Claremont.”

If you are interested in receiving a tree sapling, contact the WCA at [email protected] or visit www.arborday.org/circle3.0