Men, Let Your Mascara Run Free

The idea that women are different from men is one of the many issues integrated into society. Throughout history, women have been treated differently due to their gender. Not only this, but recent movements against sexual assault have changed the lives of many individuals. In high school, the effects are shown everywhere through daily interactions. But feminism is not just for females; it tackles everyday issues that both genders face.
The feminist movement affects high school students as it teaches young women and other teens in society how to behave towards one another, to be strong, and use their voices. It teaches men that it is okay to have emotions and express discomfort; meaning that individuals do not have to be happy all the time and that it is okay to be sad. In high school, boys are taught to be strong and not show weakness, but showing weakness does not make individuals any less strong. It shows humanity—everyone makes mistakes, but it is about how individuals learn from them. This movement changes lives as it allows for individuals to be themselves; tears and all. By allowing individuals to be comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions, it allows for society to begin discussions to change. Since the movement promotes both genders, this allows for all of society to flourish instead of one gender being superior. This is especially important for high schoolers; this is a time for learning and growing, a time to learn individual morals and beliefs.
“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive,” Emma Watson said, “Both men and women should feel free to be strong.”
The famed actress Emma Watson has left a mark on the feminist movement as she is a strong activist for women’s rights. She argues for both genders, hoping to reach equality for everyday people by reaching out to major events. This movement allows for younger teens to get involved and advocate for women’s rights. By teaching women it is okay to be strong, but also voice your opinion about specific issues.
Many individuals believe the feminist movement is only for women and view it as “man-hating.” When trying to promote one gender, individuals have to value both sides since when both genders promote each other more positive effects can happen. This movement teaches younger generations to speak out about injustices and teach others to use their voices. In order to enact change, individuals need to unite and use their voices together, which is exactly what this movement does. By reaching high school students and getting their ideas and their opinions together, it reaches solutions for society.
This movement may seem unimportant to those who do not quite understand the severity of the subject, but it tends to affect everyone. Feminism has made changes overtime similar to the wage gap, but now there is more focus on changing ideals and mindsets to shape society to allow for equality of the sexes. High school can be the perfect place to create ideals and learn from mistakes. Feminism creates an environment of happiness and love for students to learn from mistakes, and grow into the individuals that will be in charge of the world one day.