Cavanaugh Coaches XC

This year CHS alumna Kiana Cavanaugh is joining the cross country coaching staff to assist with the junior varsity and freshman girls. At CHS, Cavanaugh ran four seasons on the varsity cross country team and three seasons of track and field. After graduating in 2016, she attended UC Davis for one quarter before transferring to Mt. SAC.
Cavanaugh’s first experience mentoring athletes came in 2017 at CHS’ annual summer cross country camp, where as a counselor she provided guidance for runs and workouts. She was later offered a permanent position for the 2017 season by head coach Bill Reeves, which she had to turn down because of her college schedule. This year, Reeves offered once again and Cavanaugh was more than happy to accept. Her coaching responsibilities include facilitating practice and workouts, one on one coaching, and making sure everyone is running the correct mileage. While it is not necessarily a job requirement, Cavanaugh goes above and beyond, often running with the team to make sure all is well with the runners.
“I’m much closer in age to the athletes, and I think it also helps that I ran in this program for four years,” Cavanaugh said. “I think that I bring a bit of youth to the coaching staff, and the athletes can relate to me.”
In addition, Cavanaugh also believes that having a female member on the staff is great for the girls on the team. She remembers when she was in high school, she really enjoyed having a female coach on the team. What Cavanaugh most enjoys about coaching at CHS is the team dynamic and how much everyone cares about each other.
“I definitely think the athletes on the team are what make it for me,” Cavanaugh said. “The fact that they are all very good athletes isn’t why I enjoy it so much, it’s because everyone is so unique, so creative, and really individual. They are kind and supportive, and there is a really good team dynamic.”
Coaching the cross country team has greatly impacted Cavanaugh’s life, because she now believes she has found her calling. She is now considering becoming a teacher and continuing to coach after graduating college. This is because coaching the team gives her something to look forward to every day. Overall, Cavanaugh is a passionate runner who deeply cares about the students she is coaching. She enjoys the work, looks forward to it every day, and strives to make a difference. Kiana Cavanaugh is already making a very positive impact and the team, and hopes to continue.