Awesome Asian Food: Four Restaurants In and Around LA You Should Visit

Five Asian food restaurants you should try

Too many times, Asian food is grouped together as a whole. However, that’s not the case – each individual Asian culture whether it be Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, or Korean has its own unique flavors and tastes.

Here is a guide to five Asian food restaurants around LA that you should definitely give a try.

Din Tai Fung (Taiwanese)


In 1958, this restaurant was founded as a cooking oil retail business and later reborn as a steamed dumpling & noodle house. In 1993, the New York Times named it of the top 10 gourmet restaurants in the world. This restaurant is Din Tai Fung, a large Taiwanese restaurant chain. It has many branches in countries such as the US, China, Taiwan, and more. Din Tai Fung specializes in steamed dumplings, especially xiao long bao, which are steamed buns filled with either pork or crab meat and soup.

Pho Ha (Vietnamese)

Rancho Cucamonga

If you don’t know what pho is, you have not lived. Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup with broth, meat, and herbs. In the beginning of the twentieth century, pho originated around Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and still is the national dish today. There are many different pho places out there, but Pho Ha in Rancho is hands down the best one. Pho Ha is always busy and filled with customers, and one will always smell like the beefiest of beef pho after they finish eating. Note: Pho is actually pronounced “fuh.”


Myung Dong Tofu Restaurant (Korean)

Rancho Cucamonga

No one’s galbi can beat Myung Dong Tofu Restaurant’s. Their galbi, or BBQ beef ribs, is packed full of flavor and possibly one of the best things you will taste on this planet. Myung Dong’s tofu soups come in combos with other equally flavorful meat dishes like pork bulgogi and bibimbap. Their tofu soups come in a wide variety of flavors including pork, seafood, mushroom, and others. The spiciness of the tofu soup can also be adjusted to your liking.

Kopan Ramen (Japanese)

Rowland Heights

If you’re hungry for some hot noodles, Kopan Ramen is the place to go. Kopan Ramen is a small ramen house in Rowland Heights, California. Kopan’s menu allows people to customize their ramen. Their specialty is their Tonkotsu Ramen, which is a traditional Japanese hot noodle with a special pork broth. The broth is pork-based and simmered for 16 hours. The result is a creamy, thick and delicious soup.

Hayato Sushi & Grill (Japanese)


Craving convenient, fast, and quality sushi? Hayato Sushi & Grill is a small Japanese restaurant located right here in Claremont. Hayato has a menu with mostly everything, ranging from sushi to delicious udon. Hayato specializes in fresh and mouthwatering sushi. Some have even called it “the most authentic sushi joint in Claremont.”