The Wolfpacket

Abigail Bodell
Equipped with towering height and a blunt sense of humor, CHS reporter Abigail Bodell is extremely excited to take on the challenge of working on the Wolfpacket. Although in her senior year at CHS, Abigail, better known as Abby, is a recent, yet motivated addition to the paper. Enjoying a multitude of activities from dancing to watching horror movies, Abby strives to find enjoyment in every minute detail she can find. Out of everything, however, she most treasures dogs of all kinds. With two of her own at home and several belonging to friends and family, she finds canines of all shapes and sizes infinitely lovable and comforting. Abby also often studies foreign languages, ranging from Japanese to French, and is always looking for new ways to improve her fluency. Hoping to express her passionate opinions on topics of mental health, literature, and film, Abby is more than elated to get the chance to have her thoughts published in the CHS newspaper.

Abigail Bodell, Reporter

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