Here’s Johnny: The Overlook Hotel Returns in “Doctor Sleep”

Despite having physically escaped the Overlook Hotel long ago, Danny Torrance has returned to the big screen battling an entirely new set of otherworldly terrors. In a well-crafted work directed by notorious filmmaker Mike Flanagan, “Doctor Sleep” is an unquestionably underrated film that deserves much more praise than it has received. Based upon the novel of the same name by legendary author Stephen King, “Doctor Sleep” is a continuation of Dan Torrance’s life following the events occurring in the cult classic “The Shining.”

Now as an adult plagued by the supernatural forces lingering from his childhood and the mortal curse of alcoholism, Danny, played by Ewan McGregor, returns. But his life is turned entirely on its head upon his introduction to Abra, a teenaged girl with peculiar abilities similar to his. Defined as the “shine,” the power they share varies in how it affects individuals, its main enhancement being a seemingly endless amount of mysterious psychological tactics, such as coercion and telekinesis. As the two escape from and attempt to defeat a sinister caravan of ruthless, magically enhanced beings, Danny is forced to come to terms with his past while at the same time fighting to better Abra’s chances at having a future.

With fantastic acting and special effects, Flanagan has once again outdone himself with this particular film. Despite its supposed failure in the box office, “Doctor Sleep” is more than enjoyable, with both fans and critics alike noting its immersiveness and impactful nuances. Hayley Larson, a moviegoer exiting the film at a local AMC theater commented on her impression of the film.

“There weren’t many advertisements for [Doctor Sleep] so I wasn’t expecting too much, but I’m actually really impressed,” Larson said. “It’s scary, but watchable and very well done.”

Taken by the film’s terrifying charm, CHS students also had relatively positive thoughts about their experiences watching it. Perfect for an entertaining chill to cool down this toasty autumn, a visit to the theater with friends to huddle together and watch the satisfyingly well-crafted “Doctor Sleep” could prove to be a wonderfully spooky pastime for students. Those that have already seen it also recommend the excellent movie, with a group of sophomores eager to give their opinions.

“It was a really great movie; it scared us, but it was still interesting,” they said. “[Doctor Sleep] is for sure a must-see.”

With a perfect balance of plot-to-fear ratio, “Doctor Sleep” is a satisfying watch, especially for those who already appreciate Stephen King’s work and can appreciate the directoral artisry from Mike Flanagan. Any moviegoer seeking a well-executed trill simply must make time to enjoy this artful adaptation of a horror classic.