Mr. Lewis

CHS substitute teachers are not often recognized for the work they do and their dedication to the education system. They manage classroom duties, perform instructional processes for absent teachers, and oversee classroom’s activities and rhythms. Graham Lewis has been a substitute teacher at CHS for three years and has learned to adjust to varied classes and students.

“I’ve taught everything from P.E. to English,” Lewis said. “I adapt by identifying the class based on different students.”

When switching from class to class, teachers are exposed to a great quantity of students. In every new class, substitute teachers must be capable of maintaining order in the classroom and be able to communicate with different types of students. Despite the differences amongst students, Lewis manages to keep in mind their needs. As substitutes are never idle, they need to be flexible in any and all classroom environments.

In addition to connecting with students, substitute teachers also have open communication with teachers. Collaborating with teachers is important in determining which of the classwork should be prioritized, and how they should be meeting necessary daily requirements. By collaborating with teachers, substitutes are then able to guide students in the most efficient path.

“A good educator is someone who is trained and experienced and has students’ health and security in mind,” Lewis said. “When a student is discouraged from learning, I gently remind them that they are capable and can grow.”

Teachers typically shield their emotions as they prioritize students on and off campus; though at the end of the school day, they also live normal lives. Despite their role as teachers and higher authority, they are people who want to influence and better student education.

“Teaching is important to me because I want to make an impact and influence students so they can become meaningful members of society,” Lewis said. “I’ve had students come and say I’m a cool sub. I’m not sure what they define as cool, though I’d like to be viewed as someone who is genuine.”

Over the past few years, Lewis has shown his dedication to CHS and learned much about helping students mature, both academically and mentally. His work defines him as an outstanding substitute teacher.