Inside the CHS Theatre Program

In order to create amazing shows that audiences young and old can enjoy, theater students from CHS devote hours of painstaking effort into perfecting each and every line and stage direction. Starting with the memorization of lines and ending with life-long friendships, theater is a unique program offered on campus. Musical theater, children’s theater, and theater production are the different courses offered at CHS. Although different students participate in each program, all cast members are always supportive of one another in each show. Recently, theater production put on “Macbeth.” Many students were involved, one being Lucie Higuera, a sophomore who played Lady Macbeth.

“This was my first lead at CHS, so I really got into the part being really passionate about Lady Macbeth,” Higuera said. “The language of Shakespeare was intimidating at first, but became more enjoyable with the help of the amazing actors behind the stage.”

Higuera described the experience as exciting, and something she would definitely do again. The backstage environment was positive with crew members always helping one another out with running lines or even helping to calm nerves. However, before they can create the show, a lot happens between auditions and the final performance.

“There’s something for everybody, some kids who just want to usher for shows, others who just want to work backstage,” Krista Elhai, the theater director, said. “My first thing to say to students would be to come in and work backstage, because you learn how things work faster and from there you can audition for a show or even stay behind the stage.”

Elhai has been running the theater for 25 years, and continues to put her time and effort into making an extremely successful program. She recommends learning both in order to make a living, individuals must be knowledgeable in all areas. Theater is extremely difficult to make a living from, so Elhai tries to encourage students to pursue multiple skills to be more versatile in the future.

It can be agreed upon that theater is an amazing environment because it is filled with many passionate people striving to become actors or actresses. The ability to work with others and express oneself with all the positivity from members has created the phenomenal theater program at CHS. Although new cast members join when upperclassmen graduate, the environment does not change. Each year they are able to come together to pull off amazing shows that capture audiences every year at CHS.