Disney Sequels and Remakes, But Where is the Original Content

Disney; just hearing the word causes many to light up with delight, and its original movies are what inspire joy in everyone’s hearts. Their original, creative, coming of age, movies are what has been keeping Disney going for 70 years. Unfortunately for the company, these classic, appealable for all ages movies are getting harder and harder to come up with, so they have turned to the lazy, cheap alternative: constantly remaking the nostalgic classics and giving them unnecessary sequels.

There is nothing inherently wrong with a good trilogy of movies, or an innovative take on an old classic, but, with Disney, their reboots will simply never be as good. A large factor in why they always fail, is because of their intention. When a studio attempts a sequel or remake of a classic movie, the chances are that they just need more money. The quickest and easiest way to do that is remake something they have already done, change one or two things, and hope audiences do not notice. While this may appear to be a convenient idea, the movie produced has nothing new or exciting added to it, is seen for what it is; undeniably boring and a blatant grab for money.

“Everyone knows these sequels are just a way to get more revenue,” CHS freshman Ella Kuriyama said. “They also are not great quality because after the character gets the guy or fulfills their dream, there is not much left to do with their character.”

These movies are usually so ignored, they often are not even remembered as part of the franchise. Almost no one even knows about the sequels and remakes of Mulan, Cinderella, and the various Jungle Book remakes, or could say if there were any real changes between Lilo and Stitch, and its sequel. The truth is, these movies are overlooked and met with annoyance because they are simply not what fans want.

“I really love the originals,” avid Disney enthusiast, and CHS student Liza Platanov said. “But the remakes are just bleh, they [Disney] are taking advantage of the fact that they found some amazing stories, and churning out as many plot-lines with them as they can.”

While remakes and sequels are decently entertaining in moderation, Disney is just pumping out as many as they can, with no new, creative originals in sight. In fact over the next two years, Disney will release three sequels, five remakes, one sequel of a remake, a movie apparently based on a Disneyland Ride, and zero originals. One can concede that a sequel every now and then turns out pretty good, but if they are the entirety of Disney’s movie lineup it is honestly just problematic, and boring.