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Abigail King Volunteers to Save Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey

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Most sit around waiting for change to happen; however, the minority stand up to do what they feel is right. CHS junior Abigail King is a part of that minority. On Sept. 2, Abigail King teamed up with Priceless Pets to rescue as many animals as she could from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Specifically, she worked in the greater metropolitan area of Houston, one of the most hard-hit cities by Hurricane Harvey. She believes that volunteering one’s time and effort to help others is imperative for the development of positive character and hopes to continue to volunteer to save animals in the future. This volunteering expedition was by no means an easy task; America’s fourth-largest city had experienced one of the most destructive hurricanes in recent memory.

King and various volunteers associated with Priceless Pets spent one day in Houston and tried to do everything they could to make a difference. Priceless Pets also teamed up with Austin Pets Alive, an Austin-based non-profit animal rescue organization, to extract animal refugees in local shelters to make room for new animals affected by the hurricane. Making space in the shelters would provide a home for the many strays left behind in the streets, until their families started to look for them. Their rescue trailer can hold up to 43 dogs, and they intended to save as many displaced animals as possible. Animal shelters in Houston did not have enough space for new animals, so Pricless Pets helped alleviate some of that pressure. King vividly remembered the devastation and sadness that followed during the aftermath of the hurricane,
“[This experience] left a lasting impact on me. It was eye-opening and definitely made me respect others more,” said King.

Since 2007, Priceless Pets has been a Claremont-based nonprofit organization that is committed to saving animals that would otherwise be killed. They specialize in creating innovative, extensive programs that aim to rescue animals that would otherwise be euthanized in shelters. Additionally, they also accept homeless dogs, cats, and other animals that are at high risk of abuse or neglect. As an IRS recognized charity, Priceless Pets is a private organization that relies on grants, sponsorships, and individual contributions to operate.
Whenever danger calls, King never hesitates to pick up the phone. Alongside Priceless Pets, King volunteered to make a difference for a community affected greatly by Hurricane Harvey.

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Abigail King Volunteers to Save Pets Affected by Hurricane Harvey