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The student news site of Claremont High School

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The student news site of Claremont High School

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Canva art by Anna Jiang

Out goes paper, In comes digitalization: AP & SAT goes digital

Anna Jiang, Head Features Editor May 3, 2024

After almost a century of students bubbling out A, B, C, and D on their sheets, the College Board has decided to say good riddance to paper and pencils and hello to the modern era of digitalization of...

Canva art by Oliver Carrero

NYT Mini Crossword

Oliver Carrero, Reporter May 3, 2024

Dating all the way back to ten years ago, the Mini Crossword (alongside the Spelling Bee, Letter Boxed, Tiles and Vertex) was released to the New York Times website. Now, a decade later, the Mini-Crossword...

Policy With Pablo: California To Ban Forever Chemicals In Water Forever

Policy With Pablo: California To Ban “Forever Chemicals” In Water Forever

Pablo Guevara, Reporter May 3, 2024

At CHS, it seems that students cannot live without the three or four water fountains sparsely dotted around campus. Whether they are refueling for a sports match, refilling for a long study session, or...

Canva design by Joy Cheng

CHS Inclusivity: Sports Edition

Joy Cheng, Reporter May 3, 2024

Inclusivity in sports isn't just purely about participation--it's about creating a playing field where every athlete, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to pursue their athletic dreams. At Claremont...

Photo courtesy of Ethan Wheeler

AOTM: Ethan Wheeler

Tavish N Brodie, Reporter May 3, 2024

If you slow down a cross country event enough, you might be able to catch a glance at some of the Claremont High runners. And then if you were to slow it down even more, you might finally be able to see...

Photo of Every Fifteen Minutes simulated crash scene

Behind the scenes of: Every Fifteen Minutes

Maxima McCormack, Contributing Reporter March 29, 2024

A beautiful entanglement of chaos and organization settled as the participants of “Every Fifteen Minutes” (EFM) –the educational film raising awareness to the dangers and effects of impaired driving–...

Courtesy of Adventures of Pig & Ox Instagram

The Amazing Student Businesses at CHS: Adventures of Ox and Pig and Celestia.Co

Tara Neemuchwala, Contributing Reporter March 29, 2024

Adventures of Ox and Pig - Summer and Emma Calimlim Freshman Summer Calimlim has an Etsy business, which she runs with her sister, Emma, where they make phone charms, keychains, and other accessories....

Courtesy of Lauren Noyes

ATOM: Lauren Noyes, a pom-pom powerhouse

Fiona Bulmer, Reporter March 29, 2024

     Trying out for the Claremont High Cheer team is a daunting prospect for most high schoolers. However, for Lauren Noyes, a senior with Cerebral Palsy, it took more courage than most. It was all...

Penalizing the Pink

Penalizing the Pink

Fiona Wu, Reporter March 29, 2024

It is pretty hard to be a woman in this economy. Seriously, the Legislative Office of Los Angeles records that there has been a twenty percent increase in inflation since 2020. While this type of inflation...

LAs History Through Tar

LA’s History Through Tar

Julia Little, Reporter March 29, 2024

Deep in LA is one of the only urban natural history sites found in the city: the La Brea Tar Pits. The La Brea Tar Pits is an active archeological site where the history of climate change and human environmental...

Yolk vs White: Which is More Egg-cellent?

Yolk vs White: Which is More Egg-cellent?

Caroline Warren and Nina Wu March 29, 2024

Enter the wonderful world of egg-ercise. From the 15-minute HIIT workouts on YouTube to Planet Fitness regulars, there are lots of different “cultures'' hidden within this world. In fact, many eggs-perienced...

A Guide to Being the Best Dressed at Graduation

A Guide to Being the Best Dressed at Graduation

Caroline Warren, Reporter March 4, 2024

Many students at Claremont High School have played the idea of their impending graduation over and over in their heads. For most, it is them sitting on white chairs on the football field, clapping for...

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