A New Band on the Block: The Flukes

There are many musical talents here at CHS, but there are not many who put in the effort to start their own band. One exception to this trend is The Flukes, which is composed of sophomores Matthew Tineo (Lead Guitar), Jonas Huffer (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals), Owen Miller (Bass), Grant Snyder (Drums), and Rain Himebauch (Keyboard). They are also supported by Steve Stewart, the manager of the Stone Temple Pilots and Grammy-winner Thom Russo.

The Flukes decided to form this band last October, after already having been friends. The band’s goal is to compose an original song soon, as they currently only play covers of songs from new rock artists such as the Arctic Monkeys, FIDLAR, Together PANGEA, and other artists.

“I’ve been playing for a little over a year now, and I was inspired by my friend to play bass guitar. And the reason why I like it is because it keeps rhythm and adds depth to the music. Being in a band is so satisfying. It’s a lot of fun and is a great way to blow time and have fun,” Miller said.

The Flukes also plan on playing in the Battle of the Bands, the CHS contest in which different bands compete for the title of being the best band.

Himebauch met Stewart through his dad. When Mr. Himebauch was younger, he was a performer with the stage name Julian Sakata. During his stint in the music industry, he got to meet many famous musicians such as Sublime, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Weezer, and more. Now, he often helps The Flukes with equipment and their recording system.

“We all love music. We love playing music. We love playing it for people. Even though I don’t have much experience playing live and I get a little nervous playing, once I get up there it is basically gone,” Tineo said.

The Flukes are slowly but surely developing their instrumental skills and teamwork. Their future is bright and they will be sure to dazzle at this year’s Battle of the Bands.