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Neeloofar Asad Soleimani
Neeloofar (or more simply, Neeloo) Asad Soleimani is a senior at CHS. She mainly serves as the Wolfpacket’s cartoonist, but pitches article ideas when there is no illustration to be done. She enjoys playing video games on her 3DS or Switch, as well as eating tasty food. She enjoys caring for her four cats at home: Sidney, Bonnie, Pancake, and Alduin. Neeloo also participates in the AVID program as well as the ROP Stage Tech program. Outside school, besides the aforementioned gaming, she also volunteers at Priceless Pets in Chino and helps care for the cats in need of homes.

Neeloofar Asad Soleimani, Cartoonist

Oct 19, 2019
Happy Halloween: The City Of Claremont’s Haunted History (Story)