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The student news site of Claremont High School

The Wolfpacket

The student news site of Claremont High School

The Wolfpacket

LAs History Through Tar

LA’s History Through Tar

Julia Little, Reporter March 29, 2024

Deep in LA is one of the only urban natural history sites found in the city: the La Brea Tar Pits. The La Brea Tar Pits is an active archeological site where the history of climate change and human environmental...

Policy With Pablo: Super Tuesday Special

Policy With Pablo: Super Tuesday Special

Pablo Guevara, Reporter March 29, 2024

A democracy is of the people, by the people, and for the people. At the core of democracy, it is the people who decide what policies to support and who to champion those policies. Unfortunately, the public...

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Designed by Kate S

History made as Jennifer Crumbley, mother of school shooter, is found guilty

Kate Song, Reporter March 4, 2024

In the entire history of school shootings in the United States, never once has a parent of a school shooter been found complicit in their child’s crime. However, in a twist of fate, the jury made a historic...

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Substantial Substance Abuse Laws Find And Fight Fentanyl Dealers

Pablo Guevara, Reporter March 4, 2024

Most students at Claremont High School have probably been exposed to their fair share of DARE and other drug PSAs warning them about the dangers of using illicit substances at any age. With the rise of...

Quaking, shaking, destructing -- Earthquakes in CA

Quaking, shaking, destructing — Earthquakes in CA

Fiona Bulmer, Reporter February 9, 2024

Within the last 40 to 50 years, the earthquake magnitude average has multiplied about a dozen times. Earthquakes happen about 10,000 times per year in Southern California. Most of these earthquakes are...

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New “Red Flag” Laws Fire Back At Gun Violence

Pablo Guevara, Reporter February 9, 2024

It is undeniable that school shootings and their staggering frequency have become a tragedy nationwide. Even though California has the lowest rate of gun violence out of any US state, this perceived safety...

Curtsey of Canvas designed by Joy Cheng


Joy Cheng and Fiona Bulmer December 21, 2023

Running noses and coughs have become the chorus of Claremont High School classrooms. Over the past month, students have found themselves within the grasp of an escalating health crisis, leaving classrooms...

Sun Sets On High-Set Prices For Solar Energy In California

Sun Sets On High-Set Prices For Solar Energy In California

Pablo Guevara, Reporter December 21, 2023

Considering that many live in the city of trees and PhDs, it should come as no surprise that Claremont knows a thing or two about going green. Our person-to-car ratio is nothing to scoff at, our bike-to-car...

Eyes on the road, now in LA county

Eyes on the road, now in LA county

Pablo Guevara, Reporter November 17, 2023

It was about time the California government realized this: students do not make the best drivers. Far from it, in fact; studies indicate that teenage drivers are nearly three times as likely to get into...

art | Lindsay Chung

Mosquito Apocalypse

Fiona Bulmer, Reporter October 13, 2023

With summer ending and the beginning of fall, residents of Claremont have geared up for more days of hiding in their houses, away from the heat and the mosquitoes. The endless scratching of mosquito bites...

Jellyfish on California Beaches art | Simon Rockwell

Jellyfish sail to shore

Kate Mitchell, Reporter May 5, 2023

Watch out this summer when walking on the beach! Across Southern California beaches, blue jellyfish have been popping up along the shore waiting to be stepped on. However, these jellyfish are special...

San Bernardino County snowed in

Kyle Chen, Reporter March 31, 2023

Snow is definitely not a common phenomenon in the desert of Southern California, especially in the Los Angeles area. However, at the beginning of March this year, Los Angeles and the surrounding counties...

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