Girls Tennis is off to a Successful Start


When thinking of the Girls Varsity Tennis team, one can just about hear the sound of neon, green tennis balls bouncing against the cement of the tennis courts at Claremont High School, and players running across the courts in hopes of winning their match. With the start of a new school year, fall sports have also begun and with them, so has Girls Tennis. Girls Tennis at CHS is not given nearly as much attention as the sport and its athletes deserve. During their previous season, the team reached the quarterfinals of the CIF Team Championships. The players, coaches, and parents are incredibly dedicated to the team and its success. The adherence and commitment of each of the players ensure the team’s success each year. In addition, the dynamics and work ethic of the team are oftentimes overlooked. It is a D2 sport here at CHS and continues to dominate the courts each year.
On September 15, Claremont beat Alta Loma HS on Wednesday 16-2 and Walnut HS 13-5. Through three matches, the number one singles player, senior Sydney La, has not lost a single set yet. Moreover, the Pack’s number one and two doubles teams also remain undefeated. sophomore Delila Vargas and her partner, junior Camila Fernandez are at the top of the double line-up and have only lost nine games in nine sets. Vargas emphasizes the abilities of her teammates and how the team’s coach ensures their success.
“Our coach shows us good leadership skills, and there’s a talent within the team that can bring out the best in us for matches,” Vargas said.
Camila Fernandez also recounts her team’s success.
“I’m so excited to be back on the courts with my girls,” Fernandez said. “We are working hard every day and putting all our effort into the matches. We are undefeated so far and hopefully we can keep it that way!”
Junior Kaili Hernandez and senior Angelina Alkhouri, playing number two doubles for the Pack, only lost six games in their last five sets. As she begins her final season, Alkhouri is optimistic the team will excel together.
“We took in 6 new members this year, which is half of the team, and through much practice are adjusting to the new dynamic,” Alkhouri said. “Tennis is unique in its team size, I consider all of the tennis girls my sisters. With hard work and unwavering determination, the Girls Tennis team will surely continue to have a successful season and match throughout the 22-23 school year.”