2022 Senior Box: Casey Shoultz



The coolest Head Sports Editor poses at a pre-Prom event with a completely drained social battery… and is now signing off for the year :)

Was: Head Sports Editor
Years on staff: 4
Off to: Cal Poly Pomona with a double major in English and Psychology
Favorites: Barnes and Noble trips, screaming Taylor Swift songs with the windows down on the highway, Harry Styles, Nutella sandwiches, high top Converse, “Be My Mistake” by The 1975, long runs, Weekend Update, and Ady’s dog
Plans after college: get a tabby cat and corgi, finally go to a Harry Styles concert after 12 years of waiting, and get my PhD to become a college professor
Shout out to: Sydnee (who I actually think I would go insane without), M sizzle, S quadratic formula, Ella, Izzy, Liza, Sophie, and my family for supporting me in every way possible! ..Also Harry Styles for releasing the best album I’ve heard all year
Looking forward to: 1989 (Taylor’s Version), getting the Spotify college discount, being more independent in my life, and the day I pull a Jungkook photo card from an album
What I’ll miss: the school’s spicy chicken sandwiches, having a normal sleep schedule, riding Splash Mountain with Wolfpacket ten times in a row, wearing #19 on the back of my jersey
Big thanks to: Ms. Bodnar who is incredible at both teaching and being a friend, Mr. Easton for never marking me late, Mr. Glavin for allowing me to love the English subject even more, Ms. DeLao for surprisingly making me enjoy math and always greeting me with, “Hey girl! What’s up?,” and Mrs. Stein for always visiting me at Panera and making my work shifts better.
Advice: It’s only embarrassing if you’re embarrassed. Who cares?
Quote: “Effort makes you. You will regret it someday if you don’t do your best now. You may get depressed, but it’s evidence that you are doing good.” -Jeon Jungkook of BTS
“Sorry, my car’s a mess” -Meghan Mason
“…Wait, can I have another quote?” -also Meghan Mason