Jacob Lopez Shoots For The Stars At Occidental

Passion. Drive. Commitment. These aspects are needed from every athlete to succeed and prosper in any sport. For senior Jacob Lopez, showing these aspects in basketball is a walk in the court. After playing both point and shooting guard for the CHS Wolfpack, he is eager to join his new team: the Occidental Tigers.

Lopez was recruited to the Tigers’ team after one of his coaches reached out to Occidental and told them about Lopez’s potential. After this initial contact, the coaches at Oxy reached out to Lopez and kept in touch throughout his senior year. Lopez maintained a close relationship with the school as they would come to watch his games and likewise he would go to see their games. After visiting and taking a tour of the campus, Lopez felt a good connection with the school and knew it was the right fit.

Lopez has created great bonds with his coaches over the years of playing basketball and is thankful for their teachings and guidance. He later reflected on the relations he shares with his coaches and how they have influenced and contributed to his life.

“I’ve been blessed to have some of the best coaches in SoCal,” Lopez said. “They’ve taught me a lot of things not only in terms of basketball but about life in general, and I’m sure I’ll always carry what I’ve learned from them with me.”

After reminiscing on his years at CHS, Lopez decided he will miss the happy memories he created with his friends the most. He recalled all the friends he had made, the basketball games and practices shared with his teammates and coaches, going to the school events like football games and rallies with friends, and studying all night with fellow IB students. Knowing how quickly his four years had passed by, he advised CHS to make the most out of high school and enjoy it while it lasts.

While Lopez will forever cherish the memories he made at CHS, he eagerly awaits his new journey with Occidental and looks forward to the freedoms that college and adulthood offers.

“I’m more excited than anything to get a fresh start at a new school with new experiences to be made,” Lopez said. “Meeting new people, going out to new places, and bringing back stories to tell is what I’m really looking forward to.”

His basketball experience began during his youth as he has played basketball since he was three years old. From then on he played with Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) travel teams in Southern California and all four years on CHS varsity.
In the end, Lopez is thankful for his family’s support throughout his basketball journey. His passion for basketball stemmed from his family and his goal to continue playing for as long as possible is a shared dream amongst them.

“I’d like to give a big shoutout to my mom for giving me all that a son could ask for and shoutout to my sisters for always knowing how to put a smile on my face,” Lopez said. “My mom has been my biggest inspiration and role model. She’s the strongest person in my life and I hope to become half the person she is one day!”

Over time, basketball has become a major part of Lopez’s life. He has grown to love all aspects of the sport and is happiest whenever he’s on the court or around the game. Congratulations Jacob and go Tigers!

Photo Courtesy of Jacob Lopez