Letter to the Editor: Teachers, Respond to our F***ing Emails, Please


Courtesy of Outlook

An overflowing CUSD inbox.

I’m sure many Claremont High School juniors can agree that most of us are freaks who need constant validation and reassurance to function; and if everything isn’t perfect, our world falls apart like every city in every Marvel movie. We’re freaks because we care! So why don’t our teachers?

During these “unprecedented circumstances”, (however sick I might be of hearing that phrase) I have come to the realization that we hormonal stress radiators are better at communication than the adults. We have quickly BECOME the adults and that is 100% NOT okay. Yes, teachers are also very stressed out human beings and they did not plan for this pandemic to change the course of their lesson plans, I get that. But I find it absolutely appalling that each and every email I have sent to my teachers in the past ten weeks has either been ignored or responded to three or more days after I’ve sent it. Considering the workload that we have as juniors, we need that communication with teachers. Sorry, but I’m not planning on turning each and every assignment in on time when unprecedented circumstances in my own home are on their own schedule and have been even before someone in Wuhan ate a bat, or whatever. Some of you may not have this problem, and that’s on #favoritism, but one thing that has motivated me to write this grievance in the first place will hopefully manifest a little empathy within you fellow students, and that is the fact that instead of answering one of my questions, one of my teachers referred me to a STUDENT. An exact quote from the email, which they replied to a week after I sent it, by the way, was “ask Mercer or something”…. First of all, no. Mercer is not a Spanish teacher, so I will not ask him! Second of all, I’m sorry, but there is absolutely no student at Claremont High besides Shawn Clayton who has EVER been reliable. Like admit it, it’s not your problem so why should you help a sister out, right? And students have every right to feel this way because they do not have the credentials — or the obligation — to teach! So, Maestra, and teachers of all other subjects, please set aside at least an extra hour a day to check emails as school is almost over and we rely on you more than we rely on our parents right now. The only reason I’d ever speak to you voluntarily during this time is because I want to go to a good college, and I can’t do that if I don’t understand your gibberish on Google Classroom and I score badly in your class because of it. 😉

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